Open Source

Provide full stack of services for design, development, implementation and launch of connected IoT products.

Angular JS Development

Our top-of-the-line Angular minds build highly scalable, interactive, and dynamic frontends with brilliant web performance that our partners trust and depend on.


Without Linux, it is nearly impossible to imagine where the world would be in terms of computing ability today. Web search would not exist and, the usefulness of the internet could be diminished greatly. The stability, standardization, and security, all at a low cost, is the reason the OS has survived and thrived. These features would not be available if not for the open-source origins of Linux.


The open-source initiative that Android is based on has allowed the operating system to thrive in a competitive smartphone market. Google has become a major player in the smartphone environment, in less than a decade, due to their excellent implementation of open-source fundamentals. Without open-source software, the smartphone market would look very different today.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

A Geographical Information System (GIS) is a computer system used to capture, store and analyse geographical and location-based data. GIS allows researchers to recognize patterns and relationships in geographic data. They are commonly used in industries that involve natural resources such as forestry, oil & gas, water management and in a variety of transportation-heavy sectors. GIS, when used in conjunction with GPS and logistics control solutions can help businesses become more efficient.

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