Incident Management System


Incident Management System (IMS) is a software suite that allows you to centralize all your customer conversations that allow support desk agents to receive, process, and respond to service requests. Adisys IMS product is available for following Industry verticals:

  • Incident managenent for call centers.

  • Incident management for public sectors.

  • Incident management for user support team.

IMS Features

  • Tracks emails at case & customer level eliminating the mess.

  • Defines and accomplishes your organizational compliance.

  • Automates request routing by Queue management.

  • Enables Service Level Ageement (SLA) based escalations.

  • Gives a consolidated view of what's up with your helpdesk.

  • Maintain a knowledgebase for particulars and facts.

  • Honor your vendor and customer contracts.

  • Automatic Notifications with E-Mail integration.