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New ideas

Brian Ferry March 2012

Adisys recently came up with a custom email router solution which converts emails into CRM activity and also creates each email activity into separate BLOB storage in Azure, and also it allows it to configure any custom storage provider. This saves a huge amount of disk space in transactional CRM Databases. This solution eases the Database Backup/Restore and limits the DB growth.

Latest projects

Susan Smith March 2012

  1. Adisys recently signed up a project with a large enterpise to deliver the Dynamics CRM in a self service provisioning model.
  2. Adisys started developing Dynamics CRM Integration Connector code name "Bird Nest CRM Connector". This enables small-medium to large enterprise CRM systems together.
  3. Adisys developing home grown vertical solution to sell thier online products to thier existing customers via Call Center (Tele Sale Representatives). This product 1st version scheduled to launch in November 2013.
  4. Adisys wrote a white paper and prototype app to enable data archive solution for Dynamics CRM 2011 (On-Prem/Online). - 8/9/2012.